About AvPainter

AvPainter is a tool to aid the creation of clothing and skins for Second Life, allowing you to preview textures and draw directly onto the avatar model. It is a separate application that runs in Windows, outside of Second Life, importing tga, bmp, jpg, ppm and png files and exporting targa (.tga) files.

AvPainter runs on the following operating systems: Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista and Windows 7 and 8 (32 and 64 bit).

You can download the full version here, for free. It still asks for a registration code, but use AAAA-AAA-AAA (or anything that fits that format, for that matter).

AvPainter requires a graphics card with vertex and pixel shader support (VS1.1 & PS1.1). Almost all newer graphics cards have this support, but if you’re not sure, give me a shout and I’ll help you find out. If in doubt, please try the demo before buying the full version!

Although they can run side by side, AvPainter runs best without SL running. SL tends to grab a lot of texture memory and can slow AvPainter a lot.


AvPainter is built using Microsoft’s .NET 2.0 and XNA technology, which is currently only runs on Windows XP SP2 and later. The software has been successfully tested on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 (in both 32 and 64bit versions).

The installer will install the necessary XNA and DirectX components. If you are having trouble running the program on Windows XP, make sure you have at least .NET Framework 2.0 installed. You can download it from Microsoft, free of charge, from here.


Full instructions are included with AvPainter (via Help->Show Instructions menu option).


A Little History

AvPainter was a tool I started working on in 2006. I was having fun creating outfits in Second Life, but was often frustrated by the trial and error approach of getting seams to match on the avatar where the edges of textures met. AvPainter was born out of that frustration, and during the holidays that year, I decided to tidy it up and drop it onto the SL market to see if anyone else was interested. There ended my dabbling with clothes creation and began years of support and development of AvPainter.

Nearly ten years later, I’m dropping the price of AvPainter on the Second Life marketplace to L$0 – free. I’m not intending to do any further development on the tool, nor have the time to offer any further in-depth support. Have fun, I know I did!